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Subterranean Britain

subterranean britain crawford st martin's press 1979Subterranean Britain: Aspects of Underground Archaeology, edited by Harriet Crawford, 3/5

This strange collection of essays taught me more than I ever thought I wanted to know about prehistoric mining and Irish souterrains.  As always, it’s humbling to read about prehistoric people knowing how to do stuff that I wouldn’t have the first clue about.  Though generally interesting, readable, and accompanied by helpful illustrations and photos, many of the essays did seem a bit outdated, even to my untrained eye.

Why I read it: I feel a slight connection to the topic as a result of visiting the awe-inspiring Winspit Quarry in England and there was a $5/bag sale at the used book store.

Winspit Quarry 2014

Winspit Quarry, 2014   ©omnirambles.com





aku-aku heyerdahl rand mcnally 1958Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island by Thor Heyerdahl, 5/5

This account of the first serious archaeological expedition to Easter Island could not be more exciting if it were set on a different planet entirely.  Heyerdahl and his crew unearthed ancient statues, carvings and structures that had never been seen by outsiders before and some of their finds amazed the native residents as much as themselves.  Even second-hand, the thrill of exploration and discovery was intoxicating.  I did experience moral qualms caused by the author’s sometimes manipulative approach to wheedling secrets out of the islanders and it was a bit disturbing how willingly they seemed to trade their ancient artifacts for cigarettes.  Still, it wasn’t a completely one-sided relationship–the expedition uncovered new statues, shed light on the island’s history, corroborated some of the local legends and encouraged the native people to remember their past and even revive some almost-forgotten traditional skills.

Why I read it: I’ve been an admirer of Heyerdahl since reading Kon-Tiki and wanted to read this book also before visiting the Kon-Tiki museum in Oslo, Norway, with my brother next month.

A picture quote I made:

A picture quote from Aku-Aku by Thor Heyerdahl.  "I had so much to think about, and one thinks best alone under the stars."