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Subterranean Britain

subterranean britain crawford st martin's press 1979Subterranean Britain: Aspects of Underground Archaeology, edited by Harriet Crawford, 3/5

This strange collection of essays taught me more than I ever thought I wanted to know about prehistoric mining and Irish souterrains.  As always, it’s humbling to read about prehistoric people knowing how to do stuff that I wouldn’t have the first clue about.  Though generally interesting, readable, and accompanied by helpful illustrations and photos, many of the essays did seem a bit outdated, even to my untrained eye.

Why I read it: I feel a slight connection to the topic as a result of visiting the awe-inspiring Winspit Quarry in England and there was a $5/bag sale at the used book store.

Winspit Quarry 2014

Winspit Quarry, 2014   ©omnirambles.com