Got Fight?

got fight forrest griffinGot Fight? The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-to-Face Combat by Forrest Griffin, with Erich Krauss, 4/5

This in-your-face manliness manifesto was much, much funnier than the front cover lead me to expect, what with its bashed-up author and stupid title (to which Griffin vociferously objected, to his credit).  What it is: an R-rated, surprisingly witty, expletive-filled, laugh-inducing series of ramblings that are mostly centered on martial arts and dubious advice about being a Man.  What it is not: a martial arts how-to guide or factual account of Griffin’s MMA experience.

[Why I read it: I love MMA and pounced on this after my dad picked it up at the thriftstore.]



  1. Kevin

    Still not convinced I should read it even if you did give it a 4/5. Back to the pile next to the bed, though I wish I had it right now on this business trip than the one I brought, which I actually dropped in a trash can at the airport in Seoul. It wasn’t worth the carry on space it took up.


    • omniRambles

      Ha, it is pretty rough, but terribly funny. What book did you throw out? I just recycled a book recently too (that unfunny medical humor one), but it had a broken spine so I didn’t feel too bad.


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