The Island of Sheep

island of sheep john buchanThe Island of Sheep by John Buchan, 3/5

This charming little story about a simple Norlander who, persecuted by a gang of ruthless criminals, enlists the aid of Richard Hannay and Co. is the last in the series, though why it was not included in The Four Adventures of Richard Hannay collection beats me.  There was much to like about the tale, but it was noticeably rife with clumsy references to Buchan’s other works and suffered from an extremely contrived plot.

[Why I read it: I meant to read it ever since reading the first four books in the Hannay series last year, but we didn’t own a copy then.  My sister got her hands on one somehow, but I wasn’t motivated to read it until she pulled it out recently for my mom, who enjoyed it a lot.]


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