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The Essential Spider-Man

essential spider man lee ditko rosen marvelThe Essential Spider-Man by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, 3/5

Reading this collection was a fun, new experience and I loved the artwork, but the writing is atrocious–so much of it consists of characters talking to themselves so that the reader can tell what is going on, e.g. “Good thing my spider powers enable me to jump out of the way as Doctor Wombat attacks with his furry, robotic claws of death.”  Perhaps this is just inherent to the medium, but I do not remember encountering a similar problem in Watchmen (the only other comic series I’ve read).  Still, the corny writing and unsophisticated plots do have an undeniable charm especially, I imagine, for people who grew up reading comic books.

Why I read it: I like trying new genres of literature and my sister’s boyfriend offered to lend me his well-worn, childhood copy.

Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics

Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics by Stan Lee, 2/5

This is a good book for looking at pictures, but is not practically helpful at all.  The prose is written in an annoying style (lots of unfunny jokes and rabbit trails) and instruction is along the lines of “look, human bodies are made of cylinders and squares…now draw some of your own.”