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Jumped, Fell, or Pushed?

jumped fell or pushed steven koehler pete moore david owenJumped, Fell, or Pushed?: How Forensics Solved 50 “Perfect” Murders by Steven A. Koehler, MPH, Ph.D., with Pete Moore, Ph.D., and David Owen, 3/5

The informational portions of this book are simplistic and likely won’t add much to any knowledge of forensics you might have already picked up from watching entirely too much TV in the police procedural genre.  However, the case studies are fascinating and represent an interesting variety of locations and eras (not just modern, American crimes like you might expect).  The book’s layout is good and manages to achieve a varied, magazine-style page format without requiring the reader to jump around from one disjointed text box to another.

[Why I read it: came across it while browsing in the library.]