Armed Response

armed response kenik merril press 2005Armed Response: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self-Defense by David Kenik, 2/5

There is a distinctly self-published feel to this book which doesn’t really inspire confidence (call me snobby, but I think the cover text shouldn’t be more colorful than the pictures inside).  However, it does provide a very basic overview of equipment and skills necessary for the responsible concealed carrier.  I don’t know much about the topic, so I can’t put my finger on what exactly the book is missing, but it felt light on information–there is a disappointing lack of legal guidelines and very little advice about tactics.  Also, you do have to get past the author’s gun geekery and a bit of self-importance that reminds me of some of the more embarrassing scenes from Mall Cop.  Kenik swears he’s not paranoid (never a hopeful sign), but he does seem borderline.  For example, he actually recommends writing “detailed notes of all relevant class lectures, videos, books and magazine articles” and mailing them to yourself so “the envelope can be opened in court to prove what knowledge you possessed at a given date” (14).  Hmmmm… Or you could maybe not do that and be ok too?

Why I read it: it was a birthday present (buying a gun has been on my to-do list for years).


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