mafia2Mafia! by Fred J. Cook, 3/5

For once, the commendatory cover quote on a cheap paperback is accurate!  While the book is entertaining and does indeed read like a novel, it is unfortunate that, lacking sources, citations and notes of any kind, it also tends toward the credibility of a novel.

The thing I was most shocked to learn was the fact that upper-class society doesn’t care about morals as long as a person is personally attractive, charming and has plenty of money and power.  Perhaps this seems obvious to others, but I could hardly believe the amount of hobnobbing with evil, murdering gangsters that was (and still is, I’m sure) done by celebrities, politicians, and respected businessmen.

[Why I read it: it was a random thrift store find and I admit I partly bought it because of all the fedoras being worn in the vintage photo illustrations inside.]


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