Understanding X-Rays

understanding x-raysUnderstanding X-Rays: A Plain English Approach by Mikel A. Rothenberg, M.D., 3/5

Apparently, “plain English” is not-so-plain-English for the most baffling presentation of puns and random clip art I have ever seen published.  At the bottom of this post are three of the more traumatising pages in the book.

Despite the format, there is still some valuable info and I enjoyed the more sensible sections, especially the case studies at the end.  Even with my lack of medical knowledge, however, the scope of the book felt very narrow and simplistic.  I could see it being well-used as a supplement for a class, but it definitely left me wanting more information.

[Why I read it: I became interested in the topic through my frustration at not being able to make much of my friend’s Lisfranc dislocation x-rays.  I saw that this book had good reviews on Amazon and likely wouldn’t be too far over my head, so I ordered it through interlibrary loan.]



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