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House, M.D. vs. Reality

house, md vs realityHouse, M.D. vs. Reality: Solving the Puzzles of TV’s Smartest Doctor by Andrew Holtz, 2/5

There is not a single original idea in this tedious book, which is written without wit or authority and manages to suck all the life out of an interesting topic.  Holtz, a health journalist with no medical credentials, is good at performing interviews and Googling for relevant documents, but lacks the expertise to add anything of value to the topic or even present his “research” in a unique or remotely engaging way.  The main content of the book is paragraphs of direct quotes (often several paragraphs on one page), mindless paraphrasing and TV episode synopses.  I almost didn’t even make it through.

[Why I read it: came across it while browsing in the library.]