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Jasotron: 2012

jasotron 2012 amend andrews mcmeel 2012Jasotron: 2012: A FoxTrot Collection by Bill Amend, 4/5

Usually I’m not a big fan of humor that relies on pop cultural references, but Amend is legitimately funny at times and obviously a huge nerd, which is all I require in a cartoonist.

Why I read it: my brother got it out of the library and it ended up in my gym bag, fulfilling the important role of “backup book” (in case of unforeseen boredom).  I ended up reading half of it while waiting at a Jack in the Box drive-thru for some idiot to collect their $60 order.

Orlando Bloom Has Ruined Everything

orlando bloom has ruined everythingOrlando Bloom Has Ruined Everything: A Foxtrot Collection by Bill Amend, 4/5

This small collection of very funny comics is loosely based on the topic of popular culture ruining fanboyism.  It really resonated with me, given the recent, rampant and painfully mainstream popularity of Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, The Hobbit, MMA and geekdom in general.