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How to Talk American

how to talk american jim mad monk crottyHow to Talk American: A Guide to Our Native Tongues by Jim “the Mad Monk” Crotty, 3/5

This haphazard collection of vernacularisms is fun, though not at all up to the standards of a proper dictionary.  I especially enjoyed the words spelled to reflect regional pronunciation, such as “PSDS” (pierced ears), “sssta” (sister), “dreckly” (soon.  “We’ll be at the store dreckly.”), and “tamar” (the day after today).

[Why I read it: came across it in the thrift store and thought it looked interesting.]


The Wit’s Dictionary

The Wit’s Dictionary by Colin Bowles, 2/5

Some funny stuff scattered through a lot of unfunny stuff.  Also, very Australian, crass and surprisingly anti-Christian.  I would suggest reading Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary and giving this book a pass.