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The Book of Shrigley

book of shrigley chronicle books 2005The Book of Shrigley by David Shrigley, 3/5

This collection of Shrigley’s messy, misspelled, dark and unpredictably humorous art seems less accessible than his What the Hell are You Doing? The Essential David Shrigley.  “Less accessible” is a fancy way of saying that I didn’t really “get” a lot of the stuff in this book (which you might find a bit ironic if you read my last review of his work).  Perhaps I also didn’t enjoy this as much because I went into it expecting to be surprised and delighted, an approach that never seems to work well for me.

Why I read it: My library only has Shrigley’s books in e-book form (which I hate), so I picked this up at Easton’s Books, hoping it would be as funny as the last thing by him that I read.

What the Hell are You Doing?

What the Hell are You Doing? The Essential David Shrigley by David Shrigley, 5/5

Shrigley’s cartoons are like nothing else I’ve ever seen.  There is an otherworldliness to their intrinsic funniness; they somehow had me laughing out loud almost before I could process the content on the page.  In many of them, it is the things suggested or left completely unsaid that are the funniest.  However, Shrigley’s surreal morbidness is not for everyone and I would love to meet some people who didn’t “get” it and just stare at them for a while.