Kon-Tiki and I

Kon-tiki and i erik hesselbergKon-Tiki and I by Erik Hesselberg, 5/5

This humorous account of the Kon-Tiki expedition is written and illustrated by multi-talented Erik Hesselberg, artist, writer, composer, sculptor, and the only professional sailor aboard the balsa raft during its 4,300 mile journey from Peru to the Polynesian Islands.  I only meant to read a few pages of this book before bed, but ended up reading the whole thing in one go, laughing out loud at Hesselberg’s witty observations and admiring his art, which ranges from the sparse, spontaneous lines of caricature to more detailed, scientific drawings of  various sea creatures the crew encountered.  The book is very accessible and appeals to readers of every age, from children to those older people looking for a fun companion to Heyerdahl’s more in-depth account of the Kon-Tiki expedition.

[Why I read it: my brother recommended it to me.]


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