Six Easy Pieces

six easy piecesSix Easy Pieces: The Fundamentals of Physics Explained by Richard P. Feynman, 5/5

This book contains six accessible, non-technical lectures from Feynman’s famous Caltech physics course:
1. Atoms in Motion
2. Basic Physics
3. The Relation of Physics to Other Sciences
4. Conservation of Energy
5. The Theory of Gravitation
6. Quantum Behavior

Feynman’s genius, contagious enthusiasm, conversational tone, ability to simplify concepts without dumbing them down, and knack for creating memorable explanations, combine to form a book that allows non-geniuses like myself an intoxicating glimpse into the dazzling world of physics.

[Why I read it: I admit I’m a bit addicted to having my mind blown by theoretical and quantum physics.  Also, I had previously developed a minor crush on Feynman during a lecture by my college physics teacher, who had an even bigger crush on him.  So when I came across this book in Hay-on-Wye, it was a no-brainer to buy it.]


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