Think on Your Feet

think on your feet keith spicerThink on Your Feet: Presenting Your Ideas with Clarity, Brevity and Impact by Keith Spicer, 3/5

This slim workbook focuses on ten mnemonics to aid organization and presentation of ideas in public speaking and Q&A situations.  I think the method is more a systematized deconstruction of common-sense processes than anything too groundbreaking.  While it is fun to identify uses of the different categorizations (in terms of time, place, aspects, images, cause-effect, changing perspectives, extremes, advantages, opposites/contrasts and storytelling), I think most people who possess rudimentary organization skills would find them to be extraneous, as a logical system of organization would more likely emerge from their topic organically.  However, people who are unfamiliar with basic essay writing techniques such as the idea of having a concise thesis and supporting points connected by transitions, or people who have to contrive a speech at short notice on an unfamiliar topic, might find this book to be very helpful.

[Why I read it: my dad attended a work seminar on the topic and brought the book home.]


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