chirunningChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running by Danny and Katherine Dreyer, 3/5

The only way to properly review this book would be to commit some time to learning the “ChiRunning” techniques it outlines.  However, since I have never experienced a running injury and am currently both lazy and pleased with my gradually-improving running skills, a proper review is unlikely to happen.

At any rate, the book is reasonably streamlined (though it does contain too many droolingly positive testimonials) and gives a clear presentation of the info.  Dreyer did not convince me that there is such a thing as “chi,” but many of his claims seem commonsense enough to be true.  His naturalistic, holistic approach does not seem too trendy or gimmicky and the tone of the book is sincere.

Further research into ChiRunning techniques will definitely be my first recourse if I ever stop enjoying running or get an injury, but for now, I will likely just watch a few of the related video guides and keep what I’ve managed to glean of the techniques in the back of my mind.  Of course, if I see magical improvements in performance, I will be back here with updates and a higher rating.



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