The Hobbit

The Hobbit or There and Back Again by J.R.R. Tolkien, 5/5the hobbit 1966 edit

I made the mistake of re-re-re-re-reading this book right before I went to see the new movie version.  It’s a sad commentary on the film that I spent a good portion of the movie review praising the book and bemoaning the filmic misadventure that masquerades under its name.  Since I am lazy and thinking any more about how awesome this book is will just make me sad, I’ve excerpted the relevant part from my movie review below.

The Hobbit may be a slim book, a classic adventure tale for children, but it is written skillfully, with wit and humour, character development, a sense of the epic and a mythological backbone that makes it not inconsistent with its titanic offspring, The Lord of the Rings.


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