The Winding Road

The Winding Road by W. Edmund Hood and Ung Ho Chang, 2/5

I read this tiny, self-published book in one sitting.  It was more compelling than the atrocious cover led me to expect (how are there still people who think cheesy, colored fonts, huge blocks of text and poorly Photoshopped images are ok?).  The book tells the story of Ung Ho Chang, a South-Korean who survived war-torn post-WWII Korea and the Korean war to end up a U.S. citizen.  The idea I found most thought-provoking was the fact that this man, a war refugee, army officer, spy, POW, and fireman got a job as a maintenance worker in a Top Food store in Seattle when he arrived in the U.S.  It just goes to show that one can never know what someone else has gone through and even the most ordinary and unadmirable-appearing people might have a fascinating and impressive history.


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