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jam yahtzee crowshawJam by Yahtzee Croshaw, 4/5

I was tempted to give this book full marks just for the sheer audacity and originality of its jampocalyptic plot, but ultimately felt the whole affair a bit unsatisfying at the conclusion.  I think this was because Croshaw introduced too much new stuff near the end of the book.  This would probably have been less jarring if the rest of the book had not been so tightly focused on a more limited collection of characters and locations, leading the ending to feel a bit like it belonged to a different story.  Also, I felt that, by the end, Croshaw had subtly crossed the line from mocking clichés to falling back on them.  That said, it was still very entertaining, witty and “novel” in every sense of the word.

[Why I read it: I enjoy Croshaw’s sense of humour, having become familiar with it through watching his weekly game reviews and reading his first novel, Mogworld.]


Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw, 5/5

A hilarious and well-crafted story, but somewhat tiresome in its unrelenting hatred and mockery of organized religion (though I must admit, I did chuckle at Croshaw taking the piss out of SDAism with his “Seventh Day Advent Hedge Devolutionists”).  Overall, the tone reminded me a lot of Terry Pratchett’s writing, but was more adult, less satirical and with fewer funny bits.  Nonetheless, I am looking forward to reading Croshaw’s next novel, Jam.