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Marathon: You Can Do It! by Jeff Galloway, 3/5

This guide, which applies Galloway’s signature run/walk method to marathon training, is clearly the product of much expertise and experience on the part of the author, addressing a wide variety of helpful topics.  While it wasn’t entirely convincing (I still really hate the idea of interrupting my runs with walk breaks), the concepts made sense and if I ever become injured or dissatisfied with my training progress, Galloway’s method is likely one of the first I would consider adopting.

Unfortunately, some serious flaws as a book affect the quality and utility of Marathon: You Can Do It!  The first half contains multiple appearances of several identical or nearly identical sentences and paragraphs, making the text bloated and frustrating to read.  Also, there is a notable lack of helpful diagrams and photos to illustrate key concepts (though the few charts that appear are good).  This is a book that deserves to be updated and proofread by an editor who has eyes.