2017 Stats

In 2017 I read twenty-three books, sixteen of which were nonfiction, three fiction, two webcomics and two poetry.

I averaged about two books a month, but the most books I read in a single month was five (September).

I read 1 book written in the 4th century
1 book written in the 1600s
1 book written in the 1700s
1 book written in the 1800s
2 books written between 1900-1949
6 books written between 1950-1999
11 books written between 2000-2017

Books that I rated 1 star: 1 (~4%)
2 stars: 4 (~17%)
3 stars: 8 (~35%)
4 stars: 3 (~13%)
5 stars: 7 (~30%)

So why has my reading output dropped 50% for two years in a row?  Well, last year the answer to this question was martial arts.  This year, I also acquired a boyfriend (who does martial arts and is at least a thousand times more fun to hang out with than a book).  Also, I got hung up on Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics, which took months to get through, and a couple other difficult books.


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