2015 Stats

In 2015 I read sixty-eight books, forty of which were nonfiction, twenty-seven fiction and one poetry.

I averaged 1.3 books a week, but the most books I read in a single month was nine (in November).

I read 2 books that were written before 0AD
1 book written in the 1400s
3 books written in the 1700s
4 books written in the 1800s
10 books written between 1900-1949
19 books written between 1950-1999
29 books written between 2000-2015

Books that I rated 1 star: 1 (~1%)
2 stars: 16 (~24%)
3 stars: 20 (~29%)
4 stars: 18 (~26%)
5 stars: 13 (~19%)


Your Thoughts

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