The Book of Hours

book of hours davis bunnThe Book of Hours by Davis Bunn, 2/5

I don’t think I’d ever read a “Christian romance” before, but now I feel as if I’ve read every single one ever written.  Almost everything about this book was cliched, from the handsome widower trying to escape his grief to the beautiful and independent female doctor who develops an immediate (and spoiler temporary) disliking for him.  To be fair, the archetypes were intrinsically appealing, it was a lot less preachy than could be expected, and there were even some artistic touches: an insightful sentiment here and there, or a deft description.  But ultimately, nothing could compensate for deficiencies of plot and characterization, which were contrived, worn-out and predictable all around.  The plot was especially lame–a Nancy Drew take on National Treasure with some “Touched by an Angel” thrown in; however, as an antidote to my last read, Kafka, it was not entirely unwelcome.

[Why I read it: my brother’s mother-in-law thought I might enjoy it and thoughtfully gave me a copy.  There was no dust cover, so I thought it was historical fiction…]


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