Synonym Poems

Inspired by Alison Bernhoft.

An Unscrupulous Used Car Salesman
He’d sell you a rusty dustbin on wheels
And claim it’s the very sweetest of deals.

Each front-page headline loudly cries.

Dylan Moran
A tousled frown, a tipsy grin –
This Irishman’s as fun as sin.

If only activities occupational
Could somehow be more recreational.

Writer’s Block
A glowing page of purest white,
This Word file is zero kilobytes.

I see a cavern gaping wide
And steer my tires on either side.

J.S. Bach
A musician fanatical
Writing music mathematical.

Night Owl
I stay up early and wake up late;
Before noon my brain can’t computate.

Our Dog, Frank
With his mix-and-matched looks and a need for sedation
It’s no wonder he’s named after Shelley’s creation.

Twice five is the number of fingers and toes
And the year Wang Mang outlawed the use of crossbows.


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