The Third Eye

The Third Eye: The Renowned Story of One Man’s Spiritual Journey on the Road to Self-Awareness by T. Lobsang Rampa, 1/5

I quit.  The author’s forward to the second edition, with its fishy protestations of innocence and honesty made me suspicious initially.  26 pages containing bizarre descriptions of Tibetan culture later, I finally Wikipedia-d the book and learned that T. Lobsang Rampa is actually Cryil Henry Hoskin, a very British, very crazy man who must have suffered an immensely boring life before becoming the host of a Tibetan monk’s spirit.  I could think up more scathing things to say, but really, a man who has had a book dictated to him by his Siamese cat (Living with the Lama) obviously needs no further comment.



  1. Bob Gabel

    I just read “The Long Earth,” by Terry Pratchett, and in that book one of the main characters is a computer AI named Lobsang who is actually the reincarnated form of a Tibetan Monk.


      • Bob Gabel

        Well fine, I guess if you are going to take the time to be proper and actually italicize your title I guess I will have to do the same! That took me like, a whole 15 seconds to look up. I actually don’t even know if it is going to work because there is no preview button…


          • Bob Gabel

            Right! Got distracted by… well pretty much everything. It was ok… I don’t know how to describe it really well… The book had an interesting concept and it was presented well, but the ending sucked. It felt like a really flimsy non-ending.Which I would be ok with more if it was in a series (even though I think non-endings, even in a series, are a cop out), but it just made the whole thing fall flat.

            But also, I like books for different reasons than you do. So you might enjoy it.


            • omniRambles

              Interesting. Good to know about the ending; I think they were originally planning to make a series out of it, but that’s still kind of lame. I’ll have to add it to my list for future reading…


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