About the Exercises

The following exercises are writing assignments from Stephen Fry’s excellent book The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within.  Some of them were very challenging and it took me about half a year of procrastination to finish.  Reading Fry’s examples for each exercise was very entertaining and I looked around on the internet, expecting to find many examples written by others.  Sadly, I didn’t have much luck finding any, which is one of the reasons I’ve posted my own writings in the hope of entertaining/encouraging other readers of Fry’s book and inspiring other poetry lovers to give it a try.

NB.  I’ve included abbreviated summaries of the assignments, but the book has much more detail.  Also, please excuse the poor formatting on several of the poems; this free WordPress blog doesn’t give me the ability to include the indentation that I would desire.



  1. Donal O'Hanlon

    Great to see this. I’m on exercise 13 (the Sestina) and was hoping to compare with others! Will peruse in detail.


    • omniRambles

      Good to hear, Donal! The sestina was challenging and not my favourite form to work with, but surprisingly, the end result was one of the poems I liked best. Anyway, good luck writing yours and if you feel comfortable, do share it in the comments.


  2. James Herren

    I just released a book of poetry on kindle entitled Wit and Wonder: Poetry with Rhythm and Rhyme. I am also a fan of the Ode Less Traveled and it was one of the resources I used in writing and editing my poetry. I was hoping you might consider reviewing my book on your blog. The amazon look inside feature should let you read a few poems to see if you’re interested. I’m planning on having a print copy for order by April for national poetry month. Thanks. James Herren.


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